Here are my free articles on Daily Trade Alert  and Seeking Alpha that were published during September:

Dividend Growth Investing Lesson 16: Diversification (September 30, 2105) This talks about why and how to diversify a
dividend growth portfolio.

Dividend Growth Investors: Stick to Your Process (September 30, 2015) Don't let market volatility or paper losses in the
market value of your portfolio cause you to take your eye off your long-term goal. Don't panic.

My Perspective on Advisor Perpective's Negatives about Dividend Growth Investing (September 28, 2015) I respond to
an article in
Advisor Perspectives, which is a trade journal for financial advisors. We examine the drawbacks - perceived or real -
about dividend growth investing.

My Perspective on Advisor Perspectives "Use and Misuse of Dividend Strategies" (September 10, 2015) In this
response to the
Advisor Perspectives article, we analyze the positive aspects of dividend growth investing.

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As always, you can follow the progress of my demonstration Dividend Growth Portfolio by going to this page. I update the
page every month so you can follow my investment decisions and, most important, the progress of the portfolio to its 10-year
goal of generating, by the end of 10 years, 10% of the portfolio's original cost in dividends each year. We're now more than 7
years into the project, and it is on track to meet its 10-year goal.

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