What kind of trading is the most profitable?


There are plenty of investment options available in the market due to the development of several new types of industries. The first thing that the investor needs to learn is keeping the risks as low as possible while investing. An investment which offers minimum risk is suitable for traders to invest their money. While the buy-and-hold investors are more suited for the stock market, the one who wants faster results can opt for forex trading, which has more pronounced price volatility.

There are different types of markets that you can invest on in the market, which include


The commonly known market known to trade beginners. It allows investors to buy and sell shares of ownership in publicly traded companies.


Bonds are the commonly used financial instrument in the debt market. It is used by governments, companies, and traders to raise capital.

Foreign exchange (Forex)

Foreign exchange (Forex)

This market allows investors to study the change rates between currencies and buy and sell the currencies to make profits.

Physical assets

Investments in physical assets such as real estate, metal, sites, jewellery, etc., come under this category. The investors look to sell their assets at higher prices than what they paid for it.

Forex trading vs Stock Trading

There is not a generalized comparison between the two markets as the forex and stock markets work on two completely different things. There are benefits and drawbacks for each market. For a trader who is planning to start investing in a market, both the markets can be beneficial. But which one can perform better for the trader depends on what is the requirements from the trades.

Forex market is decentralized and consists of participants from around the world. It is based on the comparison between the currencies of different countries. Not just individual traders, but even big banks, hedge funds, commercial companies, and investment banks also invest in forex.

The stock market is a limited marketplace which only grows with new companies entering the market. It is a transparent and regulated marketplace for traders. Today the stock market is also introduced on electronic platforms.

Even though the stock market is widely popular, it is exceeded by the forex market, which is also the largest financial market in the world. Here are the reasons why forex is a bigger market than stocks.


24-hour market

Forex market opens for five and a half days a week for 24 hours. It starts in Australia at 4 pm on Sunday and ends in New York on Friday. You can customize your own trading time according to any time zone.

Minimal commissions

Forex brokers charge minimum to zero commissions or additional transactions fees on trades. The forex trading costs are lower than any other market.

Instant execution

Most of the trades are instantly executed under normal conditions. You get the price shown when you execute your order so you can take advantage of instant changes in the currencies.

Short selling

There are no restrictions to short selling in forex trades. All the opportunities stay available for long and short trades, no matter which way the market is moving.


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