Trading is no longer just for pros – beginners guide to stock trading

beginners guide

A few years ago much of the stock trading was limited to a specific population but with the advent of internet and information, the trade is no longer a process of the regulars but also it has become easy for the new traders to try their skills at the market. However, the stock trading involves huge risks but these risks can’t subdue the profit margin in the market. Online trading gives you an option of convenience in the business and to be your boss.


Trading is no longer a game of the Pros but anybody can do it but first, they need to understand the market requirements. It’s very important to assess, understand and study how the market works.

Short term trader:

Short term trader:

As the name itself explains, Short-term traders invest only for a short period and try to make quick money on the daily price fluctuations in the market. They hardly sit on a stock and sell it before the closing of the market.


It involves investment in the future. Suppose you want to save for the retirement, or a future expense, Long-term investment is the way to go.

Online trading:

One of the best things about the internet is that you can manage everything on your device. You need to open a Brokerage account on an online Stockbroker. It’s wise to scroll through various brokers until you find the best one.


There are various types of stock market trading and again it depends upon your requirement. The forex market will allow you to trade currencies with less capital or Options trading entails the sale and purchase of contracts that entail rights on certain assets.

Day trading:

Day trading is all about making the best of the day. You don’t care how the company is going to perform in the long run but as long as you get your profit of the day, you are good to go. You take advantage of the daily price fluctuations in the market.

Active trading:

Active trading:

In this trading, you are actively making trades and keeping a close look on the market. You don’t invest money and forget it. You follow the tips about the future position of stock and invest accordingly.


There are thirteen types of trading available with each one having its characteristics but where you need to be careful is to avoid falling into wash sale rule. In simple terms, it means you sold shares and bought the same shares back shortly. This can cause a huge burden and tax penalties. So, before you go on trading, just give it a few minutes and understand the complexities of the market.


Trading is no longer an affair of a few but almost everyone can do it. All you require is a little knowledge and understanding. You may choose to give it a little time to understand the financial market before you start placing your effort in any kind of trading.

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