Is Forex the same as stocks?


The difference between Stocks and Forex is that the latter involves buying and selling of currencies whereas Stock market trading entails purchase and selling of equity shares in a stock. Apart from that, there are various visible differences between the two markets – one of that being the centralization. The stock market is a centralized market where sale and purchase are thoroughly recorded in books of the Stock Exchange but Forex involves selling one currency and buying of the other. It is more of a private exchange between the buyer and the seller.

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Foreign Exchange in simple terms is the trade of currency. It’s the market through which currencies of the world are traded. In Forex you are buying one currency and selling the other. Various people have varying opinions on trading, but it all depends on your requirements and what you are intending to achieve. Compared with the Forex trading, Stocks are centralized where exchanges keep a record of buying and selling and require a high capital. The stock market is simply the buying and selling of equity shares of a company and when you buy a stock, you own a little part of the issuing company.


The main difference between the Stock trading and Forex would be that Stock Trading is done through an exchange where a proper record is kept about buying and selling the Shares. This centralized system makes trading a lot safer. Forex trading is devoid of such a centralized system and the trading takes place between the buyer and seller. It’s more of a partly private affair. Stock is to be bought or sold in the lot while as you buy one currency and sell the other in Forex.

How to trade:

Forex is the market where the trade of currencies takes place. Currencies need to be exchanged for the businesses to take place. Compared to the stock market, Forex trading requires less capital and is devoid of a centralized nature. After you have chosen your currency pair from the existing pairs and understood the price vitality, you can go ahead with the trading.


There are various types of Stocks and it has multiple ways of trading, but Forex is of three types – City Index Spread betting, CFD and Forex Trading. Each trading has its size. Spread betting involves the trading of Pounds per Point movement, CFD entails the trade in the unit of base currency and in Forex you are buying the lot in the base currency.

Buy & sell:

Once you have decided your currency pair among 65 existing pairs, you will require to know about how the market works and the market it’s trading at. The sale and purchase are bound to the base currency and quote currency. The pair has base currency on the left and quote currency on the right. The job is to determine when to buy and sell the pair. If you believe that the base currency will strengthen against quote currency, you will buy a pair of currency and if you think that the base currency will weaken, you simply sell the pair. In matters of Stocks, they are considered an investment in the long run. However, people who buy individual stocks have made a fortune but when it comes to advising, Diversified index funds are better than chasing hot stocks.


The progress of the trading can be monitored, closed or updated through your device. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a PC, if you choose to close the trade, the cash balance will be reflected in your account instantly. As far as the Stock market is considered, you need to assess the company’s recent history, its future products, performance on the ground and revenue.



Investing in Forex is considered a safer way to the introduction in the market. Though the trade lacks a centralized system, many traders are finding it more convenient given that it requires less capital than Stock trading. Whereas Stocks are considered they are to be traded through the stock exchange which no doubt makes it secure. One thing both of the markets require is a thorough understanding and yes, a little research.


Forex and stocks are not the same but they are bought for one purpose – profit. Where stocks are centralized through exchanged Forex is a decentralized market that entails process between buyer and seller. Forex’s less capital requirement has made it a gateway for the traders to look for their initial entry in the financial market.

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